Mach 21 announces new Colenta film machine program

Colenta film processor

At the recent IPIC conference, one of the main topics of conversation was the resurgence in the film-processing business. With the boom in business, however, is ongoing concern about the availability of parts and consumables for film processing.

To help address that need, Manny Parks, of Pro Image Photo in New York, has added the distribution of Colenta Labortechnik film-processing equipment distribution in the United States, through his MACH21 distribution company.

According to Parks, MACH21 developed an exclusive program “Turnkey Rental Program” covering A to Z, from product consultation to financing to onsite installation and training. MACH21 is the only distributor among international resellers that offers the total package, he says. MACH21 has been in operation since 1990 and was a nationwide distributor for Copal, Agfa minilabs, Polaroid and PhotoTherm film developers.

Colenta film processor are roller-transport machines

Colenta provides not only compact minilab film processors of color, black-and-white, and E-6 film but also the latest dip-and-dunk processors handling color and black-and-white in the same unit. Colenta developers are roller transport machines like Noritsu, except they were designed and marketed for professional and commercial labs requiring critical quality control, durability, and handling for medium format sheet films, according to Parks.

Parks adds the new program costs a nominal fee equivalent to only two rolls a day film service income generated from the new machine.

According to Parks, the first beneficiary of the program is his own Pro Image Photo, who will soon receive two C-41’s and one B&W processor, and Gelatin Labs has also placed an order for a C-41. The program caters mainly to U.S. labs with limited availability for users in Canada, Australia, Britain, South Africa and Mexico.

It’s a game changer in our film business.