Photo Imaging CONNECT Print Production webinar features output trends, insights

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Webinar participants, clockwise from upper left, Christopher Young, Hans Scheffer, Kathleen Weng, Martijn Eier, Steve Giordano, and Gary Pageau


The Dead Pixels Society, the photo/imaging industry’s leading news source, held the Photo Imaging CONNECT Print Production Networks webinar, on Wednesday, June 26, featuring presentations from Cloudprinter, Gooten, HelloPrint, Photo Finale, and Sensaria.

  • Martijn Eier, CEO, provided an overview of Cloudprinter, as a venture-capital-backed global print platform connecting print buyers and print providers in 104 countries.
  • Kathleen Weng, vice president, strategic operations of Gooten, described the new offerings of the OrderMesh solution from Gooten, integrating with thousands of SMBs and more than 70 print vendors.
  • Hans Scheffer, CEO and co-founder, of HelloPrint, shared how the company has grown in Europe to more than 31 countries, with a pure e-commerce model. HelloPrint has around 200 network partners.
  • Steve Giordano, president, of Photo Finale, described how Photo Finale offers a full-stack offering, both as white-label website/kiosk/app supplier and marketplace.
  • Christopher Young, senior vice president, sales and marketing, of Sensaria, laid out the various brand entities within the Sensaria family, including JONDO, Bay Photo, and World Art Group. He explained the new OnePoint API, which streamlines print-on-demand order management through the API and online portal.

The webinar also featured a question-and-answer session with audience participants, with topics ranging from the impact of AI on the category, the hot products in different regions of the world, and the boom from content creators and personal brands into the personalized product space.