Pixelmator updates Photomator, Pixelmator Pro

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Pixelmator announced a completely redesigned export feature on Photomator for Mac. This update adds export preview, an easy-to-use watermarking tool for protecting photos, and Quick Look integration for instant full-size previews and image sharing.

Photomator for Mac

Users will see an export preview in the export settings, allowing them to quickly view photos before exporting them. This eliminates the need to repeatedly export, check, and re-export photos until you achieve the desired result. Now, the actual export is the final step in your workflow. For a full-size preview, users can also use Quick Look, available via an icon in the Export view or by simply pressing the Space bar.

The latest update also brings watermarks to Mac. This update offers advanced yet easy-to-use watermarking settings, adding a shadow to your text or logo, tiling a watermark to create a repeating pattern throughout the photo, and more.

Pixelmator Pro 3.6

Pixelmator Pro 3.6 introduces new masking features, including the ability to add masks with a double-click, an AI-powered background masking feature, intuitive on-canvas controls, vector mask support, and more.

All-New Masking Experience

• Easily add masks by simply double-clicking a layer or selection.
• Conveniently access all mask editing tools right on your screen with the new, intuitive on-canvas controls.
• Instantly hide backgrounds behind subjects with the power of AI.
• Use the new vector masks to quickly shape layers and easily create gradient masks.

On-Canvas Mask Controls

Pixelmator Pro 3.6-On-Canvas Mask Controls

Quickly perform basic mask editing tasks, such as inverting, copying, pasting, or adding new masks, or use advanced features to refine mask opacity, density, or edge softness.

The on-canvas controls seamlessly switch between bitmap and vector mask editing modes, allowing you to paint on bitmap masks with brushes and quickly access the Shapes browser to swap between different vector shapes.

AI Background Masking

Easily hide the background of a subject in an image with a precise background mask using the powerful AI-powered Hide Background feature.
The smart Hide Background algorithm automatically detects a subject and hides the background, carefully preserving fine details like hair or fur.

Pixelmator Pro 3.6 – AI Hide Background

Turn on Hide Background from the new Mask menu at the top of the layers sidebar or choose Format > Mask > Hide Background from the menu bar.
Reveal or hide additional areas of the background mask at any time using the handy Paint and Erase brushes at the bottom of the screen.

Vector Mask Support

  • Enjoy the speed and flexibility of working with vector masks to nondestructively hide or reveal layers using vector shapes.
  • Quickly mask image or video layers, or convert selections into vector masks, by simply double-clicking them with the Arrange tool selected.
  • Hold the Option key to add an inverted mask.
  • Add specific vector mask shapes by choosing them from the Mask menu or freely draw masks directly on the canvas using the Pen or Freeform Pen tools.
  • Create vector masks from existing shape layers by Command-dragging them onto the layers you want to mask. If the shape has a gradient style applied, a gradient mask will be created.
  • Quickly switch between solid color and gradient masks at any time while editing, and adjust gradient settings like type, angle, or direction in the mask settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make vector masks editable by double-clicking the mask or pressing the Return key on your keyboard.
  • Adjust the individual points of vector masks just like you would when editing regular shapes, by deleting, moving points, dividing, or joining paths, and more.
  • Export vector masks while preserving vector paths to multiple file formats, including PDF, PSD, SVG, Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator EPS, and Motion.