Mastering Efficiency and Profitability in Sports Photography: Bob Kenward’s Journey to Success

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Discover the transformative journey of Bob Kenward from Fluvanna Sports Photography as he details his shift from action sports to mastering team and individual portraits. In a candid conversation, Kenward reveals the pivotal moments that turned his initial skepticism of team photos into a profitable niche focusing on smaller leagues, and how composite photography became a game-changer for his business. Listen as we uncover the practical benefits of this technique, from simplified setups to weather independence, and why it’s a perfect fit for his business model.

Kenward and host Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society dive into the nitty-gritty of business essentials that every photographer should know—think taxes, data protection, and the finesse required in handling customer service challenges. Rounding out the discussion, Kenward turn to the digital revolution of online ordering and its impact on revenue. Embracing platforms like GotPhoto can not only streamline your business but also open up a world of marketing opportunities, from automated reminders to targeted email campaigns. He share also shares strategies for growth without overextending, ensuring the business remains viable, as well as why opportunities like the GotPhoto Summer Camp are golden tickets to enhancing your business acumen.