Retrospekt reimagines iconic 90’s Barbie Polaroid instant film camera

Barbie instant camera from Retrospekt

More than two decades after the Barbie Polaroid camera was first released in 1999, Retrospekt is bringing back the classic Polaroid 600 instant analog camera with a bold, Barbie-themed exterior based on the graphics and colors of the original Barbie Polaroid camera. Built by Retrospekt and officially licensed by Polaroid and Mattel, each camera features refurbished parts from vintage Polaroid 600 instant cameras made in the 1980s and 90s. These original parts are integrated into freshly molded plastic housing featuring the classic Barbie logo and colors.  fit for instant film novices and seasoned pros alike.

The camera were made available for the first time via Retrospekt  March 8, 2020 and on future stops of the Barbie Truck Totally Throwback Tour, a traveling pop-up merch truck celebrating Barbie’s 60-year iconic heritage.