SeaLife releases iOS 3.0 of SportDiver app, filters

Magenta Filter

SeaLife added a new Magenta color-correcting filter for green water to their SportDiver line. SeaLife already includes a red filter with the SportDiver for blue water. The filters are designed to restore and correct for color-loss underwater, especially in the red color spectrum. These filters are most effective at depths of 10ft/3m to 60ft/18m and are easily attachable and removable to the SportDiver optical lens frame while underwater. In addition to the Magenta Green Water filter, a new Yellow Filter is available for Fluoro and UV Imaging, and certain blue water applications. The color filters may be used with or without external underwater lights, depending on the shooting distance and water conditions. The filter also serves as a protective cover for the SportDiver’s optical glass port. A lanyard is included for attaching the filter to the housing to prevent loss.

SeaLife also launched an app update aimed at iPhone Pro and Pro Max users. SeaLife has added the ProRAW image format to the SPortDiver app. ProRAW image capture is only available on iPhone 12/13/14 Pro/ProMax. Phones not supporting ProRAW will support standard RAW-only or RAW+JPEG.

The Image Format setting now has options to select JPEG-only, RAW-only or RAW+JPEG.   The ProRAW Resolution setting is now available with 12MP and 48MP options. 48MP ProRAW is only available on iPhone 14 Pro/ProMax when using the Wide lens without zoom. 48MP will revert to 12MP low light. Also added is ProRes video format. ProRes video recording is only available on iPhone 13/14 Pro and ProMax.

The Settings Menu color scheme has been changed to white, gray, and black for higher contrast and better visibility.

Other Updates:

  • Changed “Normal” lens name to “Wide”.
  • Moved Mode icons to avoid interference with iPhone 14 Pro/ProMax Dynamic Island display feature.
  • Allow zooming when RAW or ProRAW is enabled. ProRAW 48MP is only available at 1X (i.e. no zooming).
  • Allow RAW image capture when using the Triple Lens setting.
  • Changed photo and video file name to date/time format. For example, file name “SeaLife_20230502_170344” means the photo or video was taken on May 2, 2023, at 5:03:44 pm.
  • Changed 3.5-minute pre-dive leak analysis pressure gauge titles from “Low Pressure” to “Keep pumping”, and “High Pressure” to “Too much pumping”.
  • Removed Portrait (Bokeh) setting.  Caused app instability and potential for app crash.
  • Removed Dual Lens from Lens Setting Menu. Caused app instability and potential for app crash.
  • Removed Photo + 3 Sec. Video setting. Caused app instability and potential for app crash.
  • Added map location to photo and video file metadata. The location can be viewed in the iPhone’s Photos app file information screen. Location is not available when shooting underwater.