Shifting Paradigms in Photo Prints and Advertising with Frintz’s Bill Testa

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Learn more about the intersection of photo printing and direct-response advertising as Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society as he interviews  Bill Testa, the mastermind behind the new free photo-printing app, Frintz.  Moving away from his three-decade tenure in the printing industry, Testa has crafted an innovative platform where free, high-quality photos meet targeted advertising. Frintz is a fresh approach to consumer engagement and brand connection. In this episode, we explore how Frints utilizes demographic and geographic insights to curate personalized advertisements without encroaching on user privacy.

Testa is transforming print advertising with his platform bringing major brands into the fold and demonstrating how QR codes and a revenue-sharing model can create a symbiotic ecosystem for all involved. By appealing to a demographic that’s grown distant from physical prints, Frintz is re-establishing the value of the tangible in a digital world.

In October, Frintz announced 14 strategic partnerships, including Phoenix Brands, Conquer Ninja Gyms, Pantheon, Sky Zone, California Music Hall of Fame, KeyBank, First Priority of America, Canon, Fuji, SUNY, Special Olympics, David’s Refuge, Print Releaf, and K&M.