ShootProof launches new community for photographers

ShootProof launched an online community for photographers to hosting relevant conversations about photography and running a small business. The ShootProof Community will also serve as a central hub for photographers to find practical resources they can use immediately to support and sustain their business as they navigate the fallout from COVID-19, the company said.

“When so much seems uncertain, we lean on our core values such as prioritizing human connection and caring deeply about the photographers we serve,” said Colin Breece, Chief Strategy Officer. “As our team heard customers’ stories over the last week, we were humbled by their desire to help each other. They just needed a safe space to connect—a place to gather and offer help, share ideas, and give inspiration. That’s why we decided to accelerate the launch of our community.”

“More than ever, photographers need access to online education and business resources like webinars, eBooks, and job boards. The ShootProof community delivers all of those assets in one easy-to-use hub. Since our community will be available 24/7, photographers can connect with each other when it’s convenient for them,” said James Scott, VP Customer Success.