Sony Electronics unveils software updates to its mocopi motion capture device

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Sony Electronics announces several updates to the mocopi motion capture device, improving the workflow of PC-based creators and extending integrations into 3D content creation platforms. These updates signal Sony’s commitment to listening to creators in the 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) space and expanding features based on valuable user feedback. Among the updates is the introduction of the mocopi app for PC, which brings the capabilities of the mocopi mobile app to the desktop environment, and a mocopi plugin for the professional animation software, Maya.

The mocopi app for PC delivers a motion capture experience for 3D content creators. By mirroring the features available on the mocopi mobile app, the PC version enhances productivity by integrating advanced motion data generation, recording, and transmission capabilities directly into the PC workflow. The app supports full-body motion capture, utilizing mocopi sensors to provide ready-to-use motion data. It integrates smoothly with popular 3D software and VR applications such as VRChat and 3DCG software, allowing for seamless data transfer and motion tracking.

Additional features and functionality for the mocopi app for PC are planned for release in winter 2024.

Users can download the mocopi app for PC from the Microsoft Store and test the app for one month free of charge. After the one-month trial, the monthly fee will be $4.49. To use the mocopi app for PC, users must also download the mocopi link mobile app, which is free from the Google Play and App stores. Further instructions on how to use the mocopi app for PC can be found in this how to video.

Additional Software Updates (now available):

Alongside the mocopi app for PC, Sony is releasing the following features in this latest software update:

  1. Accuracy Feedback After Sensor Connection: Provide more reliable data for creators by enhancing feedback mechanisms to improve motion estimation accuracy.
  2. Extended Sensor Functionality: Streamline the adjustment process by resetting pose and position with button on the wrist sensor.
  3. Motion Preview Enhancements: Broaden the range of use case by changing backgrounds during motion previews and playing motion files (BVH) from other devices
  4. Country Setting Flexibility: Enhance usability by changing country settings even after initial setup.
  5. Integration with Animaze: Enhance motion tracking capabilities by performing full-body tracking using mocopi within the Animaze application.
  6. Maya Plugin (Releasing June 18): Sony will release a new plugin for Maya, along with comprehensive tutorials on the mocopi developer site, aiding creators in leveraging mocopi’s capabilities within this popular 3D animation software.