Sony updates firmware for Cine cameras, motion capture software

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Sony Electronics Inc. announces upcoming updates for the FX6, FX3 and FX30 cinema cameras.

The ILME-FX6 ver.5.0 firmware update is expected from May 2024 or later and will include:

  • The addition of 1.5x de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses
  • Integrated high-quality 3D LUT processes inspired by the VENICE cinema camera, which allows for more accurate color processing
  • Monitor & Control App v2.0 features (ex. Waveform, False color)
  • Breathing Compensation Expansion: More lenses will be supported including 100-400 GM and the 200-600 G lenses

The firmware update for FX3 and FX30 is expected from September 2024 or later and will include:

  • Addition of Shutter Angle: Users will be able to choose from both Shutter Speed/Shutter Angle similar to what is available with the FX6
  • Ability to add clip flags to mark shots
  • SRT/RTMP/RTMPS support for live streaming via the Creator’s App

The firmware updates will be available free of charge starting in May 2024 for the FX6 ver.5.0 and the FX30/FX3 updates will be available starting in about September 2024.

Sony Electronics also announced a significant update to mocopi motion-capture system, integrating it with SlimeVR to provide an option for VRChat users to connect through PC. Sony’s mocopi system update, which is available now, strengthens mocopi’s position in mobile VR and establishes mocopi as a key player in the PC-connected VR space, especially for VRChat users who have long sought a lightweight and easy while more stable connection to PC platforms, the company said. In addition, this software update includes several upgrades, including integration with a new avatar platform, workflow improvements for content creation, and enhancements.