SPOA recognizes ImageQuix/PhotoLynx, Sony and Fotomerchant for support of industry initiatives

The School Photographers of America (SPOA) recognized three school photography firms for going above and beyond their service to the industry.

David Crandall, executive director, SPOA, honored the three companies Friday, June 10, during the association’s awards banquet and celebration at the Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas, at the first International Conference on School Photography & Yearbooks.

ImageQuix/PhotoLynxRich Scanlon, Alexander Kovacevic, and Tim McCain were honored for their commitment to building the industry’s first foundation. The American Foundation for School Photography and Yearbooks is a unique charitable organization further connecting school photography and yearbooks to the communities they serve. The foundation will set up a process where a free yearbook and a school photo package could be provided to students who are unable to afford one. ImageQuix/PhotoLynx was the first industry supplier to support the foundation

Sony Electronics Inc.Samantha Corn was honored for Sony’s commitment and support of student photography and video training that will be launching this fall for SPOA members and their client schools. This program will help provide video and national training to yearbook staff members and other school student-based photography and video work that will provide world-class training to students all across the United States. In addition, Sony and SPOA plan to provide nationwide photographic and video contests to recognize top school talent and students by rewarding them with professional-grade Sony gear. Lastly, Sony and SPOA will be providing schools with a buyback program that will allow yearbook advisors and schools to send in old cameras and lenses to receive a credit for the purchase of new Sony equipment.

FotomerchantElmar Platzer and Derek Clapham were recognized for their strategic initiative on The School Photography Industry Report.  This is the largest ever survey of schools and parents to provide the most comprehensive research and insights the industry has ever seen. This project will change how school photographers and yearbook providers market to schools and parents and become the benchmark report for our industry in years to come. This report was provided to all attendees for free and will also be provided to all members for free.

“We are blessed to have such strong industry partnerships so early in the SPOA association story,” said David Crandall, executive director, SPOA. “SPOA is about bringing photographers, studios, and vendors together for mutual benefit. ImageQuix/PhotoLynx, Sony, and Fotomerchant are just three examples of these partnerships that will only grow and expand in the future.”