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StreamGear launches VidiMo, a combo platform for smartphones and cameras

StreamGear’s new VidiMo Go turns a smartphone and external video source into a live video production platform.

Streaming solutions startup StreamGear Inc. has launched VidiMo, a hardware-and-app combination that the company claims turns a smartphone and external video source into a full-fledged, virtual video production and transmission facility.

The VidiMo – meaning “Video director on Mobile” – system enables a single person with a smartphone and a video camera to produce multi-source, television-style shows that can be streamed live, recorded or both. While smartphone camera quality has improved over the years, it’s still no match for the rich creative functionality – such as optical zoom, tactile focus, iris control and depth of field – of a dedicated video or DSLR camera. VidiMo lets users bring an HDMI video source into their smartphone and combining it with the phone’s camera and other sources.

In its simplest use, VidiMo lets users capture an external HDMI video source into their iOS or Android smartphone and stream it, but the VidiMo’s advanced features and fast UI also enable producers to create visually-compelling, professional-looking live shows in real-time without needing to edit and upload them later, the company says.

The VidiMo system consists of the VidiMo Go hardware and VidiMo App software for iOS and Android smartphones. VidiMo Go captures live HDMI and analog audio signals into the smartphone, and is powered by an interchangeable, rechargeable battery.

The company says the VidiMo App provides a complete live production toolkit on the smartphone, letting the user switch between six fully-customizable scene layouts mixing live video and audio sources – including the HDMI source and the phone’s front or rear camera – with graphics, text and playback of pre-recorded clips.

“Our goal is to make the production of superior-quality live and on-demand video content easier for everyone from hobbyists to experienced professionals, so they can share their vision and ideas with the world in engaging, creative ways,” saiys Darryl Spangler, CEO. “VidiMo is the first step in our mission, and the feedback we’ve received so far in private demonstrations has been phenomenal. There’s nothing else on the market that does everything that VidiMo can do, and we’re excited to reveal it publicly for the first time so producers can see it for themselves.”

Commercial availability of VidiMo is expected in the first quarter of 2020. For more information about VidiMo, please visit


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