Studio in a Bag launches for content creators

Affordable Option Opens Up New World of Possibilities for Content Creators

Santa Monica, CA – For the millions of YouTubers, Twitch streamers, kids and others who want to make broadcast HD quality videos but don’t want to keep showing off their bedroom, basement or den, there’s finally a solution!  “DropKey® Studio in a Bag®” is a brand-new technology that does just what the name says. Pop it up at home or on the road and you can Be Anywhere®, whenever you want. Swipe your background in to be at the Eiffel Tower, the banks of a raging river, the middle of an eSports gaming tournament, 5th Avenue in New York City or any other location that suits your shot—without ever leaving your house.

The choices of location shots are endless and provide a broadcast-quality background in HD 1080, elevating online videos to new levels of quality. Whether a novice or a pro, a child or an experienced adult, anyone can now produce inexpensive, high-quality HD videos with their iPhones and iPads with push-button perfect Chroma key on the DropKey App.  Imagine starring in your own newscast, giving video game highlights, becoming a movie reviewer, detailing your company’s latest news or bringing a new perspective to your school’s morning newscast – it can all be done with the DropKey Studio in a Bag with cloud sync to your camera roll.  Kids can now get in the game and record their own videos to rival NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN.

The new system, available beginning today for $999, is from DropKey, Inc., a Silicon Beach start-up that is poised to change the way content creators shoot live and taped HD videos. The fully portable, inflatable system allows users to access high-quality background videos and photos from the DropKey® Cloud and replace their monochromatic background, allowing them to be anywhere®! The system syncs with the DropKey app, to provide an amazing array of choices that will suit any need or desired background location.

The Studio In A Bag was developed by DropKey founder and engineer Rockwell Scharer, and Richard Mall, Academy Award-winning Key Grip for the blockbuster films Avatar and Iron Man II-III.  In addition, DropKey today announced that the patent was granted and awarded to Scharer for the DropKey Studio in a Bag, and that it effectively “Consumerizes” Chroma key background replacement for the first time.

DropKey studio in a bag

The DropKey Studio in a Bag, which takes less than 10 minutes total to set up, includes brilliant lights, inputs for wireless mics (wired mics come with it), and is collapsible and flight-ready with no free-standing lights, no post-production and no lighting decisions to make. Also included is an AC compressor to inflate the studio in only 60 seconds.  The studio is nine-feet wide and seven-feet-two inches high, allowing it to fit any standard sized room with eight-foot ceilings.

Those that can benefit from Studio in Bag include streamers, YouTubers, schools with broadcast classes/on-air news, corporations that do in-house videos and any creators that want to raise the bar and increase their social status with a never-ending choice of fun, high-quality posts they can make.

“Everyday creators are now no longer limited to appear in one location – whether that is their basement, a classroom or an office.  With the Studio In A Bag, a whole new world of options is now available and you can truly be anywhere you want to be,” said Rockwell Scharer, founder of DropKey.  “With an affordable price, it’s small enough in size to fit in a Hockey bag with wheels, so your studio can be with you at all times, ready to shoot that next video that may go viral.”

To date, the company has received seed funding over $1M from East Coast Ventures. Scharer was recently named as a Finalist for the Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation of 2019 (  His most recent two books were published by Franchise Media on all online booksellers, Thornwillow: The Story of Young Santa, the origin story of young Santa from street urchin to the legendary Prince of Christmas. The second book he published, called My Letter to Emily, about the Great Recession, is a revenge story of a man who took on the banks and won, putting the first banking mob executive in jail.


The DropKey App paired with the inflatable DropKey Studio in a Bag is a Consumer-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with large video file storage and post-production assembly services in the cloud, providing state-of-the-art green screen video capture technology on smartphones.  More information is at