The Journey of WCD to Curavate: A Discussion with COO Lindsay Duprey

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Get ready to uncover the transformative journey of WCD as it expands with Curavate, a  personalized print fulfillment venture. Our guest, Lindsay Duprey, COO of WCD, discusses with Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society the tale of this evolution that expands from a film and digital lab to a full-fledged print powerhouse. Duprey shares the unique customer-focused approach that WCD has adopted and highlights how they’ve co-created solutions with clients, enhancing their customer service experience.

Duprey explores the creation of Curavate, an internal startup within the longstanding family-owned WCD, focusing on the wall decor market. Duprey deciphers the nuances of the branding process, the potential of tapping into the US market, and the wide range of products Curavate offers. Lastly, we delve into the brand’s marketing and pricing strategy, shedding light on its playful persona, the challenges of pricing, and its aim to provide value while maintaining a mid to higher-end positioning.

In an industry as competitive as the print industry, positioning a new brand can be a significant challenge. Duprey, however, gave us a glimpse into Curavate’s approach to its brand development process and marketing strategy. The brand’s playful and inclusive persona coupled with a go-to-market approach through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is a fresh take in the industry. The discussion about pricing strategy revealed Curavate’s commitment to providing value while maintaining a mid to higher-end positioning. The challenges of pricing in the current market were touched upon, and it was interesting to learn about Curavate’s efforts to strike a balance between maintaining quality and being competitive in the market.