The Selfie is Dead. Meet the Elsie.


SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, Kim Kardashian West, the author of the world’s foremost book of selfies, declared selfies to be “a few years ago.” So if the selfie is dead—or at least close to it—what are social media users to do?

ElsiePic has the answer: the “Elsie.” In contrast to selfies, which you take yourself, Elsies are photos taken by someone else. We all know it’s not always easy to find someone to take a photo of you when you’re out and about – Tatiana Cooke and her business partner, Tony Hajdari, have created a wonderfully simple solution: ElsiePic, a patent-pending photography crowdsourcing app that’s now available in the Google Play store.

Cooke got the idea for ElsiePic two years ago when she was on vacation in with her husband and his family. They were at the Alamo and ran into the problem of figuring out who gets to be in the picture and who gets to take it. Leery of handing their camera to a stranger, they opted to leave without the iconic photo of the whole group and instead splitting the picture into two groups.

The ElsiePic allows users to see a map showing all photographers in the area who are currently available to snap a picture. Each photographer’s listing includes ratings and designates whether the photographer uses a professional-quality digital camera or a cell phone. Once the user selects a photographer, the customer can go to the photographer’s location to capture their next Instagram yoga pose, holiday postcard or a  once in a lifetime vacation to the Taj Mahal. For a small sitting fee, ElsiePic instantly captures and transmits the quality images to the customer’s phone.

ElsiePic makes it safe, affordable and easy to instantly have professional pictures taken wherever without having to trust a stranger. As soon as a photo is taken, it is ready to share! Photos can be emailed to family or shared on social media. Why settle for a Selfie when you can have an Elsie and get the quality big picture you deserve!

ElsiePic is available now in beta mode. Learn more and download the ElsiePic app for Android devices at