Transforming Wedding Photography Through Tech, with Vitaly Glebichkin, Retouch4Me

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Vitaly Glebichkin, Retouch4Me

Have you wondered what it takes to break into and succeed in the competitive world of wedding photography? Join us as we sit down with Vitaly Glebichkin, a wedding photographer turned tech innovator, who shares his journey from capturing weddings to revolutionizing photo editing software. Learn about the nuances of the wedding photography market, the increasing demand for natural-looking images, and the essential role of personal style in a photographer’s success. Glebichkin also unveils the inspiration and development behind Retouch4Me, a game-changing service that achieves professional results while preserving natural skin texture.

In this interview, Glebichkin explores the future of photography, discussing the benefits of cloud-based image retouching services versus traditional desktop applications, particularly for photographers with privacy concerns. He introduces the Arams retouching feature, a free, efficient tool for batch processing and image culling, perfect for event photographers.