Visual 1st offering topical AI Tech virtual session May 17

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Visual 1st will host The Latest AI Tech Announcements – What Do They Mean For The Photo & Video Industry? Spotlight on May 17 featuring a panel of industry experts to share their perspectives on what the recent AI tech news. The event will be hosted and moderated by Hans Hartman, President, Suite 48 Analytics, and Alexis Gerard, Strategic Advisor, Suite 48 Analytics.

Panelists include:

  • Julia Enthoven, CEO and cofounder of Kapwing, a video creation platform for modern teams.
  • Javier Ideami, co-founder of The Geniverse, one of the first platforms in the world that facilitate access to the latest Generative AI technology.
  • Michael Osterrieder who, alongside Nicolas Menijes, co-founded vAIsual in 2021, from which he is also the CEO, an artificial intelligence company generating synthetic media for the B2B IP licensing market, and was instrumental in developing its base technology.
  • Keith Barraclough, who is responsible for product, technology and platform operations at Zenfolio. Under his leadership, the company developed its “NextZen” SaaS solution to build and host photographers’ businesses

Prior to the panel discussion, there will be a fireside chat discussion with Boris Eldagsen, who recently won – but then refused to accept – the Sony World Photography Awards in the Creative Open Category. Hear – and see – how he created his image, learn why he submitted it for this prestigious awards contest, and find out how the media and photography worlds responded to his disclosure that the image was AI-generated and he had chosen to refuse to accept the award.