Picanova rebrands as “The Customization Group”

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Wall-decor company Picanova Group announced its rebranding as The Customization Group, which “reflects the company’s significant growth, diversification, and expansion into new products and sales channels, including textiles, apparel, paper goods, accessories, and more.”

The Customization Group operates five production sites worldwide, capable of producing more than 500,000 customized products daily. With over 1,000 people working for the company across the globe, it offers individually tailored B2B and API solutions, powered by innovation and cutting-edge technology, the company says.

“The rebranding to The Customization Group signifies our evolution from a traditional photo product company to an industry leader offering comprehensive mass customization solutions,” says Philipp Mühlbauer, the co-founder and co-CEO of The Customization Group.  “Our mission remains the same: to make millions of people worldwide happy with our truly unique, high-quality products at affordable prices.”

In line with the rebranding, The Customization Group says it plans to launch a series of innovative product offerings and services. 

 In other news, the company said it is investing in license.rocks, aBerlin-based provider of NFT marketplace technology. The company and license.rocks are joining forces to create a platform that enables artists, designers and other digital creators to offer complementary print products like wall decoration, apparel, and accessories that are tied to unique NFT collections, according to a statement. This platform will connect the on-chain and off-chain worlds on a global scale – by combining blockchain technology with customized print-on-demand merchandise.

“We’re delighted to say that the amazing technology license.rocks delivers is enabling us to build a 360-degree platform for the creator economy,” says Mühlbauer. “With our ability to produce up to 500,000 customized products per day and our deep experience working with creators, we’re well positioned to enable the digital business models of tomorrow. This makes us a global full-service provider for the creator economy by enabling everyone to monetize their intellectual property (IP) in both Web3 and the physical world – all from one source and on one platform.

“The launch of our platform is scheduled in the upcoming month, and anyone interested can register at https://nft.picanova.com to apply for a spot in the beta launch program of the platform.”