A Photographer’s Journey to Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, with Emma Alexander

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Ever felt like you were meant for something different than the path you initially chose? Emma Alexander sure did. She joins Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society as the co-founder of Wisern and Mother Bran, to share her serendipitous transition from behind the lens to the logistics of the photography industry. She recounts the pivotal moments that led her away from the camera and toward her true calling in production and strategic planning. This isn’t your ordinary story about photography; it’s a narrative of self-discovery and the hard-earned triumphs in the art of business and creativity.

Alexander illustrates how embracing core values can be the beacon for navigating the tumultuous seas of the industry, especially for those championing underrepresented artists. And if you’re struggling with the solitary nature of creativity or finding confidence in your pricing, Alexander’s insights will be invaluable. Join us for a candid conversation filled with strategies for success, from finessing your five P’s to steering through client management with grace—and prepare to be empowered on your journey to professional and artistic fulfillment.