3 Legged Thing unveils Wrapz water-resistant cloth wraps for gear

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

U.K.-based tripod maker 3 Legged Thing announced Wrapz, a durable, water-resistant cloth wrap that can be used to protect precious items. 3LT Wrapz are made from a special adhesive polymer with nano-technology, and include four distinct layers – hook, loop, padding, and waterproofing. The thick wraps have two different textured sides that wrap against each other to adhere firmly and create a protective cushion around an object. The powerful nano-technology creates a strong bond that can withstand huge strain. The internal layers provide waterproofing and comfortable padding for the two, soft outer layers which keep gear safe from scratches when packed in with other hardware.

Photographers can use Wrapz to separate camera bodies, lenses, filters, video monitors and small LED lights in their camera bags. For everyday use, Wrapz are handy for packing tech like tablets, handheld games consoles, headphones, e-readers, and phones.

Wrapz are available in three sizes – Small (30cm / 12”), Medium (38cm / 15”), and Large (45cm / 18”), and are available separately or in a multipack with one of each size. There’s also a choice of two designs – Retro and Swirl – that incorporate 3LT’s round Leonard logo.

Wrapz are available online and in camera stores now and from 3leggedthing.com, priced at £14.99 / US $14.99 (SML), £19.99 / US $19.99 (MED), £24.99 / US $24.99 (LGE), and £54.99 / US $54.99

for the multipack.