Act fast: Kodak Alaris discontinues last Kodak Picture Saver scanner model

Kodak Alaris notified its largest reseller of photo scanners, E-Z Photo, the last remaining Kodak Picture Saver model, the PS80, was discontinued. E-Z Photo has acquired the remaining new units in North America for resale.

“As the world’s largest reseller of this product, E-Z Photo, powered by i/oTrak, received notice Kodak Alaris has stopped production in June of Kodak Picture Saver Scanners, after 12 years of offering high-quality, high-speed scanning technology specifically engineered for the digitization of photographs, and treasured documents into the scanning marketplace,” says Richard “Rick” Lippert, president and i/oTrak, parent company of E-Z Photo. “Kodak Alaris is still offering service contracts on its Kodak PS50 and PS80 photo scanning equipment directly through their service division and will be so, into the foreseeable future.”

To inquire about purchasing one of the remaining new Kodak PS80 scanners, email

The Kodak Legal Flatbed Accessory and Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory products are still manufactured and available through any authorized Kodak Alaris reseller.The Kodak Picture Saver scanner has been the workhorse photo scanner for the commercial and retail photo-scanning services market for more than a decade. Last year, the number of models were trimmed down to a single model. The unit originally required the use of Kodak’s dedicated Picture Saver software with built-in image-enhancement, but now can be used with other capture software.

Another option for photo-scanning operations is a document scanner (the Kodak Picture Saver was originally based on a document scanner design) or even the consumer-oriented Epson FF-640 high-speed photo scanner.

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