Bookfactory by BUBU launches a new online shop to sell photo products with Printbox

Krakow, Poland, 10 December 2018 (Press Release) – Bookfactory, one of Switzerland’s leading providers for photo products has made its next step into the personalization market with the relaunch of its new online store,

Bookfactory is part of Bubu AG, which produces high quality, bookbinding solutions since 1941, and is a family business run by the third generation. The business was founded by Albert Burkhardt, the company’s president at that time, and has established itself, very successfully, in the book market. With the introduction of its photobook service in 2004, Bookfactory was the first Swiss company to include hardcover photo books in its range.

The current CEOs, Christian Burkhardt and Thomas Freitag, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business with the help of their team of 120 employees. Securing the third generation of succession, Bookfactory continues the almost 80-year history of the company with a new software provider: Printbox.

Cooperating with BUBU brought us a lot of fun but as well a lot of hard work to build the website connected to their desktop editor. Previously, the company had only had the offline editor but has decided to integrate the process and let users decide if they want to stay offline or design items online. We came at this part and have done everything to support the transition. We, at Printbox, are proud of the final effect and crossing fingers for Bubu’s further development. – Michał Czaicki, CEO at Printbox

With their latest generation of HP Indigo presses, the company is ready for many printing jobs. For now, Bookfactory sells books, calendars, canvases, cards and gifts in the Swiss market.

Having worked for almost 10 years in the photo products industry I was challenged by Christan and Thomas in the beginning of 2018 to bring a completely new customer experience to Bookfactory before the high-season. When we looked at the overall possibilities, we were pretty amazed to find a vibrant and vital market for white label solutions.

We chose Printbox because we thought that their user-friendly and feature-rich product editors, as well as flexible product configurators, do match our requirements and our quite big portfolio of options best. Hence, Printbox will give our customers the easiest and most joyful experience in the Swiss market. On top of that, I never had the pleasure to work with such a great team and experienced partner. We felt the know-how and can-do mentality from the whole Printbox team every day, which was a huge time-saver and, believe it or not, we managed to bring this new “baby” live within only four months. Of course, we know that this can only be the starting point of a great partnership. I personally look forward to the next sprint, the next release and all the stuff that is on our roadmap! — Robert Becker, CDO at Bubu

About Bookfactory by Bubu

Bookfactory by Bubu has been binding books for more than 75 years and entered the photobook market in 2004. They craft high-quality photo products in Mönchaltorf in the Zurich Oberland, Switzerland. As a family-owned company, Bookfactory only works with high-quality materials. They treat the environment with care and ensure that all production units are constantly in line with the latest technology trends. By its beautifully designed photo books with various finishes, artistic photo canvases, original calendars, puzzles or posters, the company makes sure that each customer enjoys his or her photos even more.

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About Printbox

Printbox is a software platform that allows customers to sell photo products online. It is a turnkey solution for businesses, that comes as a complete package. It contains white label ready-to-go e-commerce, a beautiful editor filled with photo product templates, and a high-quality PDF file generator. Each component is focused on conversion and has been tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the personalization industry and each business connected. Printbox prides itself on offering the best combination of quality services, knowledgeable staff, and competitive pricing.

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