Capture offering touchless digitization of photo albums

Capture, the leading photo and video digitization service (formerly known as YesVideo), announces the official release of its Album Scanning Service. Using a patented proprietary technology, Capture is able to scan, extract and enhance individual photos from an album without risk of damage to the photos. The Album Scanning Service starts by capturing more than 240 megapixels of information for each scan then uses the best-in-class machine learning algorithm and is AI-trained on more than 20 million photos to enhance and improve color and image quality, the company said.

“Our patented technology cuts through the plastic in albums making it seem as though photos have been magically extracted,” says Capture VP of Product, Anna Kwan. “The resulting scan is as close to real life as possible, oftentimes bringing forth details you wouldn’t even pick up in the original.”

Here is a video showcasing how Capture’s Album Scanning Service works.

Photo albums become increasingly delicate as they age and digitizing individual photos has historically been a complicated process. Over the years, many different products have attempted to “scan” photo albums, from flatbed scanners to handheld devices to expensive commercial setups. But none of these devices solved all of the challenges including warping, glare, wrinkles, shadows, and damage, the company said.

Here are additional benefits of the Capture Album Scanning Service:

  • Touchless, risk-free photo scanning

  • Photos are not removed from the album

  • Complete image cleanup

  • Eliminates glare and warping from photos, caused by years stuck to album pages

  • Individual photos are cropped, auto-enhanced and color corrected

  • Final image is suitable for printing

  • Auto-uploaded to the customer’s personal Google Photos album

“Capture continues to be on the leading edge of technology,” says Capture CEO, Lisa McCabe. “We are the only ones on the market doing album digitization in this way; safe, touchless, glare-free and without warping – we do all the work for you. We are pioneering the consumer digitization industry and revolutionizing the way you share precious memories with others. Consumers wanted a better way to digitize albums and the Capture Album Scanning Service definitively answers the call and makes scanning a photo album easy and risk-free.”

Editor’s Note: Lisa McCabe will be a guest in an upcoming episode of the Dead Pixels Society podcast.