Cloudprinter launches CloudPublish API in 144 countries enables print on demand for publishers in more than 144 countries with CloudPublish API.

The new CloudPublish API is changing up the traditional print and publishing world with their innovative print on demand service for publishers that allows them to print all over the world. By integrating this API, publishers can print locally in almost any country in the world. As the leading global print API, enables users to use just one service to connect their publishing applications to hundreds of audited, automated and integrated print providers, all through the cloud.

CloudPublish API is making a dent in the nightmare of global publishing by offering worldwide local printing, title and catalog management based on ISBN. In the past, publishers have had to go through the lengthy hassle of talking and integrating with printing partners to get their books printed overseas. This time-consuming process could take months. Now the CloudPublish API enables you to get connected to hundreds of global print partners within days.

The new API offers complete cloud-based global printing management and was created with cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demands of the publishing industry. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to get publisher’s books across the globe.‘s service includes automatic or custom routing, live production signals, transparent pricing, security and anti-fraud, live quoting and accurate printing all over the world. It even helps publishers make sure they are always in compliance with applicable regulations in every country; a great feat considering what publishers have had to go through in the past to get their book printed globally.

“We saw a gap in the market and a real demand for global printing services,” said Mogens Winther, C.T.O and Co-Founder of “We know that in the past publishers have had to spend excessive time contacting and working with printers from different countries, and we saw an opportunity to solve that.” is the leading Global Print API. Global Publishers, Fortune500 companies and web2print providers are among the growing numbers of customers that like to source print jobs locally around the world via one easy API integration. The Global Print API routes print jobs to print service providers in more than 114 countries using automated intelligent routing. Customers benefit from lower print cost, shorter transit times and reduced CO2 emissions. is a Dutch company, founded in 2015 with branches in The Netherlands and Denmark.