Darkroom Software updates workflow solutions for pro photographers

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Darkroom Software announced a significant update to its suite of products, including Darkroom Core, Darkroom Pro, Darkroom Assembly, and Darkroom Booth. Among the notable enhancements introduced in the latest update are:

  • Seamless support for the latest Canon camera models, including the R50, R100, and R8, ensuring that photographers can capture moments with cutting-edge technology.
  • Integration of a print driver for Citizen brand of photo printers, allowing for streamlined and efficient printing processes.
  • Expanded support for panoramic printing, now compatible with DNP and Citizen photo printers.
  • Enhanced ‘photo to phone’ capabilities, facilitating seamless and convenient transfer of photos to mobile devices, thus enabling photographers to connect with their clients effortlessly.
  • Introduction of new EXIF capabilities, providing photographers with comprehensive control and management of their image data.

“We are thrilled to bring these significant updates to our suite of products,” said Wally Carnes, Operations Manager at Darkroom Software. “I am especially excited about adding Citizen photo printer integration. This will greatly benefit our European and global customers outside the US where Citizen photo printers are widely used. At Darkroom, we have always strived to provide photographers with solutions that not only streamline their workflow but also enhance their creative potential while saving time and boosting profits. This latest update represents our continued dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology tailored to the evolving needs of the photography industry.”