Shutterfly brings back Kris Jenner for holiday sales campaign

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Everyday mom Kris Jenner looking at Shutterfly products.

Leading personalized products company Shutterfly has again tapped celebrity Kris Jenner as its holiday promotions spokesperson. According to a MediaPost interview by Sarah Mahoney with Shutterfly’s new CMO Bree Casart, the 67-year-old Jenner is a good spokesperson to reach younger consumers.

In the new campaign, which is running on Facebook, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter) and Pinterest, features a cozy living room, where everyday mom Kate is seen draping tinsel on her Christmas tree while her mind becomes burdened by the mounting holiday preparations. An unexpected visitor, Kris Jenner, suddenly appears. Jenner introduces Shutterfly by explaining to Kate that it is a stress-free holiday solution. Shutterfly emphasizes the ability to create customized cards and gifts, thus making the season more enjoyable and effortless with thoughtful gestures.


Key points from the Mediapost interview:

D2C Insider: Jenner appeared in last year’s campaign, too. What’s the focus this time?

Casart: Kris Jenner is the undisputed queen of the holiday season. There’s no better fit. Think about how much coverage her holiday card gets on social media every year. And she is an expert gift-giver. Last year’s campaign was tremendously successful, particularly in paid social — one of the best Shutterfly has ever done. This year, we did focus groups and learned we could play up this idea of Jenner as head elf. So this year, she just appears in a woman’s living room and starts talking. She’s a magical character who can help relieve the stress of the holidays by finding the right card and one-of-a-kind gifts.

D2C Insider: How much are you spending?

Casart: I can’t say, but it is significant. The majority of our year lives within Q4. So this is an integrated campaign running across TV, digital, and paid social, including TikTok and YouTube, as well as email. We worked with Near Future, a production company in San Francisco. Timothy Kendall is the director.

D2C Insider: Besides boosting sales, how will you know this campaign works?

Casart: The real measure of success is how we reach that younger consumer. And we think Kris Jenner will resonate with this cohort.

Shutterfly has embraced celebrities in the past, with a 2021 promotion featuring neatness guru Marie Kondo, as an example.

Watch the new ad below: