Dead Pixels Society Podcast: David Crandall, School Photographers of America

David Crandall, executive director, School Photographers of America

Gary Pageau of The Dead Pixels Society talks with David Crandall, the executive director of the new industry association, the School Photographers of America. Crandall discusses how School Photographers of America will take the issues facing volume photographers direct to decision-makers, how it will pursue policies, and ways industry members can become more involved.

David Crandall, third-grader

School Photographers of America was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic when the entire United States closed down schools in March of 2020.  With no school picture days and the country in a financial crisis, health pandemic and with unemployment at a historic high, Crandall (then a Strawbridge Studios Inc. sales executive) had a vision to rally the industry to protect all school photographers’ copyrights and raise awareness of our industry, as so many small businesses were being left behind by government aid.

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