Discovering Skylum’s Marketing Secrets in the Age of AI Photo Editing, with Juliana Chyzhova, Skylum

Join Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society for an insightful conversation with Juliana Chyzhova, the Chief Marketing Officer of Skylum, as we explore the evolution of their company and their flagship product, Luminar Neo. Discover how Skylum’s dedication to photography apps and cutting-edge AI technology has led to the creation of this powerful and versatile platform. Chyzhova also shares the company’s approach to offering both one-time licenses and subscription models, catering to different user preferences.

We also discuss Skylum’s expansion into organizing captivating photography expeditions and the challenges of crafting successful photo walks. Chyzhova provides valuable insights into regional differences in the adoption of subscription models and Skylum’s commitment to balancing the addition of new features without overwhelming users.