Edge Imaging acquires Ontario studio Bob Johnson Photography

Toronto-based school photography leader Edge Imaging announces the acquisition of local firm Bob Johnson Photography. The acquisition adds primarily to Edge’s graduation photography portfolio in the Peterborough, Ontario region, the company said. The acquisition will add 6 high schools and two private schools to the Edge Imaging portfolio.

James Aziz,CEO of Edge Imaging

“Edge’s ability to grow in this challenging time is incredibly encouraging and really demonstrates the resiliency of the school photography industry,” says James Aziz, CEO, Edge Imaging.

Parents and graduating students that formerly ordered by paper order form will be some of the first Edge Imaging customers to experience their new mobile and desktop senior graduation experience, which is set to launch later this month.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Bob’s customers join our Edge Imaging family,” adds Dave Pond, cofounder and executive vice president, business eevelopment. “Bob was known for his exceptional quality and customer service, and Edge is excited to continue this legacy through our state of the art technology, customer experience, and quality portraiture.”

The company says the addition of the Bob Johnson Photography accounts “is only the start of Edge’s growth strategy as the business continues to expand through both M&A and organic growth across Canada.” In the fall of 2019, the company acquired Added Touch Photo.

In an October, 2020, episode of the Dead Pixels Society podcast, Aziz stated Edge Imaging plans to continue its aggressive growth plans.

“Our strategy is to grow the business [and have} a presence outside of the province of Ontario,” he said. “We have a very large position in the province of Ontario. We are now working in some of the Western provinces in Canada as well. We’re going to continue that growth path and we are going to continue to grow organically and we’re going to continue to grow through acquisitions. I’ve had the opportunity over my career to be involved in at least a dozen major acquisitions, so it’s part of the work that I like to do. And I entirely believe there’s a great opportunity for Edge to continue down that path.”