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Fly, Shoot, Share with Flitt: 1st Indoor/Outdoor Slim-Body Flying Social Camera

Fly, Shoot, Share with Flitt: 1st Indoor/Outdoor Slim-Body Flying Social Camera

Flitt: Flying Selfie Camera

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill., Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Want to take aerial selfies, high-flying video of your sorority party or backpacking trip, or from-above pictures of your granddaughter’s birthday celebration – and share them in a snap – without needing flying experience or a big bite out of your wallet? Let the fun fly with Flitt, the first slim-body, indoor/outdoor micro folding pocketable flying social camera, and get easy aerial image capture and instant one-touch social media sharing for just $109.99 (MSRP).

Smaller than a king-size Snickers bar, this 4oz shooter from Hobbico will be your new BFF (Best Flying Friend). Simply turn on and connect to Flitt’s private WiFi (no public, home or work network needed), open the free app on your IOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and take to the air – whether in your living room or anywhere your outdoor adventures take you.

Fold-and-go design:  When not in flight, Flitt’s arms and propeller blades fold into the body cavity for protection against accidental snagging or catching. Tucking the flying apparatus away also makes Flitt small enough to slip into a back/front jean pocket, backpack, book bag, purse, fanny pack or briefcase. The sturdy case resists crushing and breakage if sat on or dropped.

Easy setup:  Forget time-consuming GPS calibration and “oh, no, not again!” GPS signal loss. Flitt’s advanced optical flow technology doesn’t depend on GPS signals, so you just turn on the unit, connect to WiFi, and start flying – no muss, no fuss, and no need to re-calibrate with every use. Once in the air, Flitt’s private WiFi network ensures safe, fun operation by resisting interference and network sharing from nearby wireless routers.

Pinpoint optical positioning, indoors and outdoors:  Other flying selfie cameras tend to drift, so you spend more time trying to line up the shot than enjoying the results with your besties. Flitt’s innovative optical flow technology lets you position the unit exactly where you want it and keeps it in place for spot-on aerial image capture. It also enables indoor/outdoor use.

Shoot like a pro:  Flitt’s 1.3MP still and 720p HD video cameras help you snag the perfect shot with 0-90⁰ range of adjustability – Friction Lock™ technology that prevents unwanted changes in your camera angle setting – and a burst mode that captures up to 15 images sequentially with a touch. Other features include a 3- and 12-second timer (to get your smart device and extended arm out of the picture), three speeds (to adjust for different locations and skill levels) and a microSD card slot (for image and video storage).

Safe and easy to fly:  Flitt can fly up to 33 feet (10 meters) away, vertically or horizontally, for up to 9 minutes. Tap the “Take Off” button on the app and Flitt lifts off and holds its position waiting for your next instruction. Tap the “Land” button and Flitt automatically makes a controlled landing. Tap the app screen once for a fast yet controlled emergency landing, or press and hold to make the blades stop for an immediate drop to the ground. Instant image streaming on your smart device shows exactly what the Flitt camera sees, and you can control Flitt’s movements simply by moving your finger up, down or sideways on the appropriate icons.

Share with a touch:  Instantly post your Flitt photos and videos to your favorite social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Twitter and YouTube, with the app’s one-touch pre-set sharing feature.  

Replaceable 1S Lipo battery:  Each replaceable battery delivers up to 9 minutes of flight time. You can fully recharge in 60 minutes with the USB cable and battery charger included. Spare batteries and charges are sold separately.

Available immediately:  Each Flitt flying social camera comes with a lipo battery, USB charging cable, battery charger, spare blades and easy setup guide. The product is available on Amazon and will soon be in retail stores. MSRP is $109.99. For more information, visit

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