Fotomerchant, 36Pix announce partnership

Volume photography workflow provider Fotomerchant announced an exclusive partnership with 36Pix, the background removal pioneer. The partnership will integrate of newly developed and exclusive range of 36Pix’s premium backgrounds into the Fotomerchant platform, available exclusively to Fotomerchant customers. In the announcement, both teams declared they will see the continued development and release of new backgrounds and new features as part of a long-term view of driving innovation. Using insights collected across ongoing campaigns, both teams will collaborate on developing new modern backgrounds to be made available exclusively to Fotomerchant customers. As this partnership evolves, other products and features will become available to customers.

As a special offer to all new and existing Fotomerchant customers, all 36Pix backgrounds will be free until October. Any studios looking to take advantage of this special offer can register for the upcoming webinar here.

“36Pix have been innovating and pushing the boundaries of their technology for the last 20 years,” said Elmar Platzer, co-founder and CEO, Fotomerchant. “They’ve achieved so much and still have such a drive to push industry standards and be at the forefront of technology. We’re going into this with a long-term vision of how we can drive innovation together and modernize the workflow for studios everywhere.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Fotomerchant platform bring new innovative features to our industry and have always admired their passion for making things better & faster for their customers,” said Robert Ste-Marie, president and CEO, 36Pix. “There are a lot of synergies between both companies, and we’re looking forward to commencing this partnership.”