GotPhoto establishes COVID-19 task force for volume photography

GotPhoto Inc., the leader in workflow platforms for volume school photographers, announced a task force to plan for the future of contactless school/sports photography as COVID-19 continues to reshape the industry. The goal is to develop concrete concepts, with the advice of the task force, to be launched as the GotPhoto Summer Camps training series in July.

For more information about the taskforce, visit this link:

“GotPhoto is taking a leadership position in contactless photography,” says Benedikt Greifenhofer, Co-Founder and CEO, GotPhoto Inc. “There are still many unknown factors facing the future of school photography, due to COVID 19. That’s why we are bringing together a task force of industry leaders to shape the path.”

GotPhoto has already conducted interviews with Chris Wunder, Volume Imaging Professionals, LLC; Ed Monahan, Edward Monahan Consulting LLC; Matt “The Body” Kemmetmueller, Kemmetmueller Photography; Tim Macdonald, Image Art Studio; and David Drum, H&H Photo Lab.

“Through these interviews, we have identified the key trends to the process of taking and of selling school photos,” says Greifenhofer. “School administrators will want to reduce touchpoints in all areas of the volume photography process. This is why contactless shooting and sales will be vital to the future.”

Greifenhofer adds, while it is still unclear what the impact of COVID-19 will be in fall school photo spending, photographers and studios will regardless need to sharpen their unique selling proposition and service offerings.