GotPhoto launches service for volume sports photographers

Leading volume photography software maker GotPhoto launched its updated sports photography service designed to meet the needs of this large segment of the volume industry with a new comprehensive suite of features.

Benedikt Greifenhofer, CEO of GotPhoto/

“As the market leader for high-volume school photographers, we have always served the sports market as well, simply on the strength of our existing features,” said Benedikt Greifenhofer, CEO, GotPhoto. “Many of our best school photo customers also have significant business in the sports market, and they’ve been clamoring for the addition of the market-leading features that we’re announcing today. Now they can bring all of their business to one place. And with memory mates, simple ordering, upselling, and great partnerships for processing and product fulfillment, even sports-only focused studios will find our offering irresistible.”

“We’ve long trusted GotPhoto to provide a smooth and seamless experience for the parents at our schools, and with these upgrades, parents’ sports photo needs will be complete as well,” says Tim Macdonald, Image Art Studio, a long-time GotPhoto customer. “Our customers will be so happy with all the amazing options, and we expect to see both revenue and satisfaction grow.”

The new releases include integration with Next Generation Photo Solutions, a service for high-quality, personalized graphics such as memory mates, team composites, and more, as well as the custom DIY tool QMate which integrates directly with GotPhoto for automated creation and selling of memory mates. GotPhoto also recently released Prepay+, a new approach to prepay online sales. All offerings are available immediately to allow for training and adoption before the busy season in the fall.

“With these upgrades, we expect our customers to improve their businesses right away – and that’s our goal,” adds Greifenhofer. “We’ve made it easy to come back to the best season ever.”