Benedikt Greifenhofer appointed global CEO of GotPhoto

Benedikt Greifenhofer, CEO of GotPhoto/

GotPhoto Inc., the leading workflow platform for volume photographers, announced Benedikt Greifenhofer, the current U.S. CEO, will now take charge of the global company as CEO. Company founder Markus Posselt now takes up the Executive Chairman position.

“I am immensely proud to bring Benedikt into his new role,” says Posselt. “Backed by our excellent team of 70-plus employees, he is the perfect fit for the position. He will enable GotPhoto/ to scale to the next level and achieve our ultimate goal of fulfilling 50 million orders per year.”

Greifenhofer’s new role will see him lead overall strategy, organization and personnel development, plus the company’s sustainable development, while maintaining a direct management role over the U.S. company. Meanwhile, Posselt will focus on investor relations, on securing financing rounds, and on looking for acquisition opportunities to drive the global growth of GotPhoto.

“This is a big and exciting move for both Markus and I individually, and also the company as a whole,” says Greifenhofer, CEO of GotPhoto/

Posselt founded GotPhoto/ in 2012 and led the company to become the market leader, disruptor and creative innovator in the volume photography industry in Europe. Since 2019, he also supported Benedikt Greifenhofer, who accomplished the same in North America with GotPhoto Inc.

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