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Hasselblad Opens First Chinese Retail Store in Shanghai

Hasselblad opens a store in Shanghai

Hasselblad, the leading manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses, opened its first retail store and Hasselblad Experience Zone in Xintiandi, Shanghai. This is the first store opened in China and the third globally, following Stockholm and Tokyo. This opening marks the beginning of Hasselblad’s accelerated expansion into China.

In the coming years, Hasselblad will focus on the Chinese market by opening an increasing number of retail stores or experience zones in major cities, offering Chinese consumers a rich and innovative experience for photography.

The new location, in Xintiandi, Shanghai, is within the flagship store of the world’s leading drone manufacturer, DJI. The store is designed with a strong Scandinavian flair featuring Hasselblad’s iconic black, grey and orange lines and will display the full range of Hasselblad cameras, lenses, and accessories.
Within the store, there is a small photo gallery showcasing extraordinary works by Hasselblad Masters.

All images displayed are shot with Hasselblad cameras, allowing visitors to experience the breathtaking quality of this camera system. One notable image is a portrait of Michael Jackson, taken in 1979 and signed by legendary photographer Bobby Holland.

Swedish Craftsmanship – the Pursuit of Perfection

Mr. Nicholas Lin, the general manager of Hasselblad APAC, and Madam Lisette Lindahl, consul general for Sweden at Shanghai, attended the opening ceremony. During the event, a photograph of a ballet dancer taken by Karl Taylor was presented to Madam Lindahl by Mr. Lin on behalf of Hasselblad APAC.

Mr. Lin said: “We are glad to witness the boom of photography culture in China. As people’s interest and knowledge in photography grows, the quality of photography and photographers is reaching new levels of excellence and becoming more influential around the globe. We feel very encouraged by this development. Opening the Hasselblad Experience Zone is another milestone in the history of the company. In the future, Hasselblad will continue to offer premier photographing experiences and top photography devices to consumers, inspiring them to create and innovate.”

For more than seven decades, Hasselblad has passionately pursued perfection by integrating a brilliant design philosophy with advanced technology and manufacturing techniques making cameras that last for centuries. “In Sweden, people listen to their heart, and reach for perfection in everything they do. That’s craftsmanship. Hasselblad’s persistence on handcraftsmanship is the best example of the Swedish spirit,” Lindahl commented.

Hundreds of manual calibrations exemplify the soul of Hasselblad cameras. Every single part of a camera has been adjusted with care. Hasselblad is not just a picture-taking device, but an exquisite work of art that contains dozens of craftsmen’s efforts making it invaluable.

Hasselblad Targets the High-End Consumer Market

China is the highest growth and most innovative market in the world and is a very important market to Hasselblad. As the Chinese market keeps developing and expanding, consumers are demanding more intuitive camera operation and better image quality. To meet this demand, Hasselblad introduced the X1D-50c in 2016 taking the initiative to make medium format camera more portable and accessible to the consumer.

At the end of 2015, Hasselblad established a strategic partnership with DJI. In July 2016, Hasselblad partnered with DJI and launched the aerial photography solution by combining the Matrice 600 flying platform with Hasselblad A5D medium format camera. Recently the two companies had another collaboration through the introduction of a 100-megapixel solution for aerial imaging. Today, the Hasselblad Experience Zone marks a new adventure for both companies, moving from a product cooperation to a commercial collaboration. In the future, both companies will continue to explore new avenues of cooperation while focusing on their own strategic directions.

As a prominent Swedish brand, Hasselblad not only captured the historic moment of mankind landing on the moon, but also captured memories from every corner of the world. Hasselblad believes in the thrilling power of photography, which inspires people, documents history, and can help promote change and action. Hasselblad will continue to focus on medium format cameras and imaging equipment, and devote itself to providing endless inspiration to every photographer who is capturing images and changing the world. 


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