HDRsoft adds 32-bit output to Photomatix HDR Batch Plugin for Lightroom

HDRSoft Photomatix plug in for Lightroom

HDRsoft announced a new version of its Photomatix Batch Plugin for Adobe Lightroom, adding the ability to automatically create 32-bit HDR images from bracketed sets, using the same imaging algorithms from Photomatix Pro. The Plugin can save these images back into Lightroom for enhancement with Lightroom’s HDR features. The merged images are saved to Lightroom as 32-bit DNG or TIFF files, which contain the full range of brightness levels in all the source photos. This means that Lightroom’s adjustments for highlights and shadows have the full dynamic range of the scene to work with. The merged images can be adjusted individually, or Lightroom adjustments can be made to multiple images at the same time.

The merged images can also be exported in OpenEXR format for 3D artists, VFX specialists and panoramic photographers.

“These new features make the plugin even more useful for real estate photographers and for other Lightroom users who need to merge a lot of bracketed photos,” said Ron Pepper, HDRsoft Marketing Director. “Our aim is to make the merging process easy and intuitive, and this update extends this ease of use to more workflows such as imaging for 3D modeling and panoramic photography.”

The HDR Batch Plugin processes bracketed exposures that are grouped into stacks, enabling HDR merging of multiple bracketed sets with a varying number of bracketed photos per set. The plugin offers a wide variety of HDR styles, with over 40 presets grouped into categories such as “Realistic”, “Artistic” and “Real Estate”. Users can preview the effect of any preset before starting the batch process. They can also interactively fine-tune the HDR settings and create their own presets.

The plugin is available on Lightroom Classic CC on Windows and Macintosh. Version 2 is a free upgrade for customers who purchased an earlier version of the plugin or the Photomatix Pro Plus bundle, and the full license is a US$49. Those who have purchased Photomatix Pro can get the plugin for US$20 by upgrading to the Photomatix Pro Plus bundle.