How to create photos for your online store

The key to branding your products on your online store is to create great product shots. Your customers can’t touch or feel your products. The only way to attract your market is by showing them photos in the best light possible. Professional and high-quality images will drive traffic to your website and even increase your conversions. Unfortunately, not all online stores invest in photos. They remain adamant that a few “good” photos are enough to improve their sales.

If you are selling jewelry, you should get a jewelry retouching service for your online store. Even if you do manage to take great photos of your product line, you will need to edit them to make the pieces look better on your website. This is especially true if you don’t have a super fancy camera to capture the products under perfect lighting conditions. You can still make your photos look amazing with a bit of technical know-how and professional service.

Get the right camera

When you own an online shop, one of the most important investments you can make is buying a high-quality camera. A DSLR camera will produce the best quality photos for your website. While you can use your trusty smartphone, this will not give you the same quality a DSLR camera.

Take the best angles

Make sure that your photos will allow your customers to see the product in detail. If you are selling a small item, you need to take a close-up photograph. If you are selling a larger item such as furniture or dress, take the photo from afar so the customers can see the item in all its glory. There are times, however, when you need to take a closer photo of the details of a dress to show a customer the intricacies of its design. Make sure to take multiple shots and angles of the item. The customers need to see it from many angles.

Create the best light

The best light for product images is natural sunlight. Bring the items to your yard and take photos from different angles. However, if this is not possible, you can recreate the optimal light by bringing the items closer to an open window where sunlight is streaming from. Using fluorescent lights is a no-no because these make the images look washed out. If you can, invest in professional lights. While these lights may feel like an expensive investment, it will pay off soon enough.

Choose an Iideal backdrop

Stay away from backdrops that are confusing and messy. That will take away the attention from the product. Make sure the backdrop you use will complement the product. Let the product stand out by using a neutral background and props.

Isn’t it so much fun to create stunning photos of your products? You’ll get to know your products better because of the time you spent learning about their angles and details. Update your eCommerce store regularly with great photos because people love seeing the products they want in closer detail.