Hudl launches portable auto-tracking 4G camera with instant upload

Receive a protective, weather-resistant backpack with designated storage areas for all the accessories for the Focus Flex.

Hudl, the sports performance analysis company, announced the release of its portable high-definition smart camera, Hudl Focus Flex. The third camera in the Hudl Focus family, Flex is the only portable camera on the market that’s integrated with Hudl’s suite of solutions and easily goes anywhere a team goes regardless of access to power or internet.

“At Hudl, our mission is to make every moment count. Focus Flex ensures our customers can easily capture every moment, and get their high-definition film quickly and conveniently no matter where they’re playing,” said David Graff, CEO, Hudl. “Our suite of Focus cameras makes video capture a seamless experience and Focus Flex is changing the game for teams at all levels—removing the biggest pain point of capturing quality video on the go. Flex will give time back to our coaches and give athletes more access to their training and game film to review, improve, share, and get recruited.”

Developed over an 18-month period, Focus Flex was designed with maximum portability, ease of use and features high-definition video quality and four hours of battery life, the company said. Once mounted on its tripod, the Flex camera is controlled via the Hudl Focus iOS or Android app allowing for calibration, hands-free video capture, and live upload directly to Hudl.

Focus Flex is 4G capable in the United States with service available for purchase from Hudl and offers real-time livestreaming directly to Hudl TV, the Hudl-owned streaming platform giving organizations the ability to instantly connect their matches to parents, fans, and recruiters. The live upload feature means game and practice video is instantly added to the team’s Hudl account, speeding up the process for coaches to review, analyze, and share however they would like. Video is available immediately post-match, giving athletes the capability to quickly and seamlessly create and share their highlights with recruiters and fans.