ip.labs’ releases mobile software toolkit 1.0 for photo commerce apps

ip.labs GmBH launched the 1.0 version of their Mobile Software Toolkit, allowing photo businesses “to seamlessly integrate multi-platform photo product editors into their existing mobile apps and catch users wherever they are in their journey,” according to the announcement.

The new Mobile Software Toolkit can integrate ip.labs’ multi-platform photo product editors directly into mobile applications on both Android and iOS. The toolkit includes not only the advanced editors for image handling and product design, but the entire design and print ecosystem, which can easily be plugged into photo business and retailer applications, the company said.

With the help of guided documentation, easy integration, and on-call support, businesses using ip.labs’ Mobile Software Toolkit can bring a complete photo commerce experience to their users in as little as four weeks, according to the announcement.

“We’re excited to give our partners the opportunity to integrate our photo product editors into their existing homegrown or outsourced mobile apps,” says Kirandeep Kaur, business manager. “Many photo product users’ journeys begin with photographs taken on mobile devices, so being able to offer a high-quality application plays a vital role in capturing users directly via phone or tablet. Developing and maintaining this software in-house, however, can mean huge investments and risks to your business.

“Our goal is to save our customers this hassle by offering a reliable, all-in-one photo commerce toolkit and services.”

The Mobile Software Toolkit enables developers to easily configure displays to match brand colors, theme, and app language to deliver a unique, consistent brand experience. The solution also offers an immersive shopping experience with immersive 3D previews, augmented reality, and animated print content, along with add-ons to enhance the designing, editing, and shopping experience.

The pre-release edition of the Mobile Software Toolkit is available now to integrate into iOS and Android apps now.

Founded in 2004, ip.labs has been a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, since 2008 and offer it’s business customers worldwide support on a 24/7 basis.