IPI announces more speakers for IPIC 2019

Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) has released an update to the schedule for its upcoming IPIC 2019 conference at the M Resort. The initial speaker list includes experts on strategy, on sales, on marketing, and on online business, with some highlights shown below. The full listing of events and registration information is here.

Let’s bring on the heat and start impressing new clients with your dye sublimation. The sublimation expert David Gross is bringing you all the must-have tools to use when creating quality dye sublimation that will leave future clients in awe and increase your profits. He’ll get you all caught up with the latest advances in equipment and breakdown of all the exciting new products + substrates. Not only will he share all his important tips + tricks but he’ll: • Reduce your mistakes: Give you the best practices to use when adding sublimation to your repertoire. • Finding new markets: Helping you to think outside the box when selling to groups, businesses, schools, and organizations. • Learn about the industry’s latest products: PolyLinen, Acrylic, Exterior Aluminum Signage and a plethora of household items. The dye sublimation market is going to keep growing making this the perfect time to start mastering your techniques and start investing in your future. – March 4
Michael Clementi is featured in three must-see sessions: You just landed a meeting with the ideal client – a local resort! Think of all the product + service possibilities! Join Michael Clementi from LexJet and experienced members on a journey through M Resort. What can you offer to create for them? How will you produce or fulfill it? Discuss materials, quoting and installation. Walk away with experience handling a big B2B client meeting. – March 4. Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a popular technology among smartphone users as Apple and Google continue to drive the push towards immersive experiences. With thousands of AR apps currently available on iTunes and Google Play, over 20 million downloads since 2017 and a projected global revenue of $200 billion just in AR, this technology is the fastest growing segment of mobile apps. Over the past few years, S-One, LexJet’s parent company has been developing new ways of using AR in commercial printing and professional photography and at the IPIC Show in Las Vegas, they will demonstrate one of their latest technologies that allow users to take images from their phone or tablet and augment canvas prints and framed photos on walls. – March 5 Well, Michael Clementi from LexJext is ready to teach you. Now is the perfect time for a refresher course in the art of photo printing. Michael will fill you in on how to increase your profits through efficiencies in print, utilizing software that speeds up production and using the right materials to give your customers the best product. He’s even going to answer all your color management questions. So add this session to your agenda because knowing all things print will do wonders for your business. – March 6



Not even a fire could keep us down it just moved us to a cozier location – home. AND we’re still experiencing enormous success! Through the art of delivery and rethinking what a business “should” look like, we’re finally operating at a level we’ve never imagined. We’re ready to show you how YOU can achieve success without all the expenses or losing your loyal customers. It just goes to show you don’t need a brick-and-mortar to operate a thriving business. – March 6
Consumers are overwhelmed with digital images. They have thousands of files clogging up their phones, tablets, computers, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives. They have photos on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox, and other cloud options. It’s no wonder consumers are paralyzed! Don’t stop at the digitizing phase! Embrace the growing need for digital photo management solutions and discover how you can add this to your collection of professional archiving services. Help your clients get their digital photo lives in order by setting them up with a solid digital storage solution that will help them long term. Digital Image Organizing Demo Basic Adobe Lightroom workflow File naming, sorting, and metadata Identifying the client’s needs Delivery + long-term storage solutions Cloud photo sharing + family websites Sales and Marketing techniques No inventory, no equipment investment, and no special talents required. All you need is Adobe Lightroom and some technical training before your team could be organizing digital photos from your production workstations in no time! – March 6
The world’s largest pro labs are using ROES Web. Why aren’t you? Take full control of your products, pricing, services, and CSS.Not a % based model. Complete system from the web to mobile. Flexibility Perfect for printing labs of all types – March 4
t’s time to take a focused look at the challenges facing retiring entrepreneurs as a result of the tidal wave of transitioning Baby Boomers. This presentation reveals the huge impact that baby boomers have had on American society. They changed the economy, social mores, family structure and government but most of all, they changed small business. Their impact on business sales, exit strategies and ownership transitions will be unparalleled. Your Exit Map gives business owners realistic options for embarking on the most important financial decision of a lifetime.