IPI releases initial speakers for upcoming IPIC event

Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) has begun releasing the schedule for its upcoming IPIC 2019 conference at the M Resort. The initial speaker list includes experts on strategy, on sales, on marketing and on online business, with some highlights shown below. The full listing of events and registration information is here.

March 4

As a career veteran of the art & design industries, formerly with Larson-Juhl a global Berkshire Hathaway company, Ginger Hartford is recognized as a highly accomplished strategic marketing and business development leader in the Business of Design. Ginger has worked with thousands of retailers establishing best practices in professional selling and design approach. She founded EurDesign Studio to continue supporting brands ready to up-level their strategic marketing approach, consulting to capture emerging growth opportunities and share her passion for marketplace trends, education and technologies
Customers love creating unique works of art with photo printing, giving you the perfect opportunity to offer them something just as creative – custom framing. But is your custom framing sales game a little off lately? Not to worry because we’re bringing in an expert. Hold onto your hats; Ginger is unloading her essential pro-selling tips bag in this must-see session. In her bag of tricks, she’ll give you the 411 on: Establishing guidelines to best design standards, Learn critical phrases to simplify the selling process, and Tools to measure goals + track results. This well-rounded custom-framing education will have you increasing your average order in no time. So come one come all to this custom framing sales training extravaganza.


March 6

Enough is enough. Stop writing down all the goals you want to accomplish and start achieving them! No more excuses, no more holding yourself back. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start because we brought in an expert to hold you accountable for your business growth!
Michelle Johnson is her name and you exceeding your business goals is her specialty. She may have a background in both Human Resources + Event Management, but her real expertise is training you to take your vision and make it a reality. 85% of her students ACHIEVE THE GOAL THEY SET IN HER SESSIONS. This girl knows how to make you work to see those results!🙌
She isn’t going to give you that same boring cookie cutter speech about conquering your fears and just believing in yourself. She’ll tell you the truth and let you in on a little secret: things don’t change unless YOU do! (Sorry; not sorry!) She’s not about sugarcoating; discover your success without all that fluffy stuff. The best part is that she won’t be talking AT YOU (or a generic conference audience). Oh no, she’s all about personal connection, human interaction and making you walk that walk. Your participation is critical to your growth. How can she help you find the answers if she doesn’t know YOUR specific challenges?
This keynote is EPIC. This keynote is rejuvenating. This keynote CANNOT BE MISSED. After three days of note-taking and idea generation, make a commitment to kick some business this year!



From sales approach to operations and production – Carol’s insight will have you attacking this profitable channel the minute you return home. Her knowledge will be the push you need to see beyond the art of large-scale printing and start perfecting the logistics + management of installation. Whether it’s building wraps, museum installations, or university murals – no business stone will be left unturned. March 6, 2019











Time to break out from the traditional photo retail mentality and into a channel where there is a true local need. Your niche market is waiting for you; you need to learn how to find it. That’s why industry expert Deb Johnson is ready to unleash your strategic beast! She’ll help you discover the right niche market, create products/services for it, build new profit centers and even rethink the hours you are open. Her session will focus on: How we managed our reinvention. Adjust business elevator speech Change the internal culture From staff to team Engage community B2B The materialization (changes we observe) Customers Sales – projects Team members (photographers + fine artists) This course will have you creating implementable strategies with real results. Giving you that business growth you’ve been looking for, in no time! So say ‘Goodbye’ to the old ways and ‘Hello’ to life outside the box.











If you’re tired of getting stuck in an endless loop of rotating promotions without success, then this class is made for you. Meet your new best friend, The VIP Membership Program. 👈 This guy’s a game changer. This strategic approach has brought in 4400 online orders in just six months, with 1954 of them from our VIP members! With free sign-ups to unique discount codes, our membership formula shows results and keeps them consistent. BYE-BYE unpredictable dips and HELLO reliable upticks. Who’s ready to maximize their online revenue?