Japan’s Photozou begins to sell used photo gear on Amazon in United States

Photozou Koukoku Co., Ltd a subsidiary of publicly traded Photozou Holdings, Inc., in Japan, announced it has begun selling used cameras and lenses on Amazon in the United States. One can purchase such items from the following Amazon site. The products will be sent from Japan to an Amazon facility, where they will be managed and sold by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

The company says it estimates the global digital camera market to be worth $13 billion in 2020, with the market for used cameras is expected to be about the same amount. The company also said it plans to, in the future, also ship cameras and lenses from the United States to Japan.

In January, the company also announced a new business called “Primavera Photo Session in Osaka“, which capitalizes on its 700 million-user photo-sharing network to connect photographers and models in major Japanese cities by providing weekly photo shooting events in both outdoor and indoor studios. Primavera Photo Session in Osaka 20 auditioned and registered 20 young models, most of which are university students offering the world famous “Kawaii” photo shooting experiences and monthly photo contests for both high-end semiprofessional and enthusiastic photographers. The new business model allows photographers to select and commission a model for individual photo shooting sessions held at many picturesque locations in the city of OsakaKobe and Kyoto.

In the spring of 2021, “Primavera Photo Session Tokyo” is also scheduled to be started followed by other major Japanese cities along with providing Japanese/English speaking translators, as Photozou are looking ahead to the post-COVID-19 foreign tourism in order to accommodate international photographers towards Japan, the company said.