Lomography announces Potsdam Kino black-and-white 100 35mm film

Lomography has announced a new 35mm film based on the “New German Cinema” visual style from the 1960s. Lomography B&W 100 35 mm Potsdam Kino Film is the second in the Lomography Kino Films series, featuring 100 ISO, with less grain, more contrast and higher DMAX than its predecessor, Lomography B&W 400 35 mm Berlin Kino film.

Lomography’s Kino Films are extracted from rolls of cine film produced by a legendary German company. Just like the Lomography B&W Berlin Kino Film, the company says “this evocative emulsion has a high dynamic range and produces distinct, yet equally stunning results with different development and filters.”

Lomography B&W Potsdam Kino Film will be exclusively available for pre-order on Lomography Online Store for just $7.9 USD. Delivery and availability in Lomography Gallery Stores are estimated in May.