Michaels predicts 2022 as the year of “Mindful Making”

The Michaels Companies, Inc., the largest arts and crafts retail chain in North America, released its first-ever trend predictions for 2022. Michaels’ trend experts are constantly tracking the materials and makes on the horizon — about 18 months before they’re in-store or trending on social, the company said. Through a combination of internal data, customer insights, and engagement with Makers across social media, Michaels’ trend experts are predicting eight trends that will flourish next year.

“At Michaels, we are inspired by our Makers and the incredible things they create,” shares Andrea Manning, Senior Director of Trend, Design & Packaging at Michaels. “In 2022 we expect to see new and experienced Makers alike continue to practice ‘mindful making,’ the idea of using arts and crafts to relax and find calm. We’ll see them applying what they learned last year and expanding creatively into new materials and aspirational themes, more sustainable ways of crafting, and to use making to connect with loved ones in new and meaningful ways.”

Michaels Top “Mindful Making” Predictions for 2022


CELEBRATE EVERY MOMENT – Makers will continue to expand their horizons, embracing cultures from around the world to learn about and celebrate new traditions as ways of connecting with friends and family throughout the year.


EMBRACE NOSTALGIA – Hygge, the Scandinavian word for all things cozy and comfortable, will be front and center in spaces that create warmth and #cottagecore will reach the mainstream through calming, understated florals, embroidery, and needlepoint in the home.


OBSERVE NATURE – Makers will continue to find unexpected natural materials to incorporate into their makes, foraging and collecting for craft and enabling Makers of all ages to engage and interact with nature even before beginning to create.


MAKE TOGETHER – Parents and caregivers will celebrate the experience of discovery and engage more deeply with children through kid-directed, choice-driven Process Art.


DAYDREAM & TRAVEL – After spending so much time at home, Makers are dreaming of travelling and fulfilling their wanderlust through designs inspired by their bucket list destinations and favorite places.


THOUGHTFUL PERSONALIZATION – Makers will turn to hand stitching, hi-tech printing, and applique to create exceptionally personalized gifts, DIY branding and creative for every moment.


INCORPORATE TECH – Makers will lean into technology and tools like smart cutting machines and digital heat presses to create custom leather, vinyl, and fabric crafts at home.


REDUCE, REUSE, UPCYCLE – ‘Mindful making’ takes on new meaning as Makers become more aware of crafting sustainably, learning how to repurpose textiles and materials through tutorials from other Makers.