Mobile Photo Perspectives: Photo storage 4.0 – it’s deduplication, stupid!

Mobile Photo Perspectives Photo Storage
Mobile Photo Perspectives – August

In the first part of this two-installment piece, we reported on the following findings from our latest survey among 458 North American smartphone photographers: The median number of photos that consumers believe they take per month is remarkably similar to what it was 1.5 years ago – it is neither plummeting nor ballooning. Smartphone photography has matured.Even with ephemeral visual communication rapidly gaining popularity, most respondents still believe that most of their photos are long life photos (“keepers”)Most consumers hoard their photos on their smartphone: they keep most of their photos on their phone for an extended period of timeToday, I’d like to share the findings that relate to how and why consumers store their smartphone photos on cloud services or home storage devices, as well as what features they most value in photo organizing apps or services. Why store photos in the cloud?On a 5-step scale from totally unimportant to extremely important, the ability to back up photos in the cloud is most frequently considered important or extremely important, followed by the ability to aggregate one’s photos in an easy or automatic way and the option to access all one’s photos from any device. Not having enough space on the phone or the need to share photos in an easy way were less often cited as (extremely) important reasons to use the cloud.

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