More industry notes from worldwide pandemic

As the global COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the impact on the photo/imaging industry has been unprecedented. Mass layoffs of retail staffs are commonplace, seasonal workers and photographers are dismissed and store hours have been limited or eliminated entirely. Still, the photo industry is resilient and we’ve been hearing promising stories from around the world. Certainly, this once-in-a-lifetime economic disaster is going to take a long time to recover from but it’s important to maintain a positive attitude.

For example, we’ve been privileged to listen in on the recent webinar held by the IPI Member Network, where photo retailers and labs from around the world share tips for managing staff and for generating some form of volume at this time. For example, IPI vendor Photo Finale is coming off a very successful weeklong photo contest; this simple contest offered $50 for a simple sign up and submission. Hundreds of photos were submitted and PF retailers benefited.

Making of a Roadshow video from UIG

United Imaging Group, Europe’s leading photo/imaging group, posted a video featuring Martin Wagner describing how the group is supporting members with a virtual event. Click here to watch.

Smartphoto, the European photo printer, offered 15,000 free decks of personalized playing cards for children to send to their grandparents, as part of a partnership with Caratmundi. “This is how we keep contact between generations alive,” says Stef De Corte, CEO, smartphoto group, in a statement.

We also been heartened by stories of photo labs pitching in. For example, Nation’s Photo Lab and Advertek Inc. have both converted a portion of their operations to the production of face masks.

Yearbook drama

Given that yearbook production is in a state of turmoil, yearbook vendors are working to make sure schools can complete their commemorative books. For example,  Jostens is making its exclusive content available during Covid-20 outbreak. Lifetouch is doing something similar, opening up free resources to advisers for Covid-19 specific content. The pandemic is an unsettling topic,

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Tips and tactics on the new Dead Pixels Society podcast

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented problems for photographers and retailers. The Dead Pixels Society editor Gary Pageau talks with Eric Miller of Miller Foto about tools and tactics to survive and to thrive. Miller, a well-known business consultant and innovator, shares what he’s learned from the latest legislation and industry news.

Click below to listen.