Move over Snap: Facebook is the camera company to beat 

From Hans Hartman’s weekly Mobile Photo Perspectives insights.

It’s the platform, stupid

Just as the world finally figured out why Snap relabeled itself as a camera company, last week Facebook proclaimed it’s not just a camera company, it’s a camera company built on the world’s ambitious augmented reality platform.

Let’s add some perspectives to their F8 announcements:

Recently, Facebook has put its camera front and center in its various properties (not just Instagram, but also Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp). For instance, in Messenger this changed the traditional texting workflow, which normally starts with the user selecting a person with whom they want to text. Today they can click the camera, take a photo, embellish it, add text, and send the visual message to the friends with whom they decide to share it – very much the same workflow as in Snapchat and Instagram. As Mark Zuckerberg said at F8, “the camera needs to be more central than the text box in all of our apps.”


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