Mylio Photos introduces a new way to organize images

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Mylio shipped a new version of Mylio Photos with all-new tools built with machine learning. The new release is a preview of the tools coming to Mylio Photos in releases over the next year, the company said.

Among the features in the new version:

  • Local AI Processing: In Mylio Photos, every AI tool runs exclusively on users’ local devices. Mylio never indexes or resells personal data because the company never takes possession of it.
  • SmartTags: Mylio Photos uses computer vision to index the content of photos and videos. AI object recognition finds more than 1,000 activities, objects, and properties in images. Tagging images with this information making searches much faster and far more precise — with most results in less than two seconds.
  • Optical Character Recognition: Mylio Photos can read the text inside the picture. A search can read writing on signs or clothing, to unlock more details about an image.
  • Face Tagging: Find and identify people inside photos, with total privacy. Face tags make an entire image library searchable by a person. A user can even search for combinations of people in a photo.
  • QuickFilters: Use details hidden inside most photos and videos (e.g., GPS, EXIF & IPTC data) to quickly organize them. Sort by date, folder, location, file type, person, camera, lens, and much more.
  • Photo DeClutter: Burst mode helps get just the right photo but leaves a lot of digital clutter in its wake. Identify burst mode photos and visually similar photos with Photo DeClutter, then choose to delete or hide rejected photos. To help identify the best shots, AI creates SmartTags which identify dark or blurry shots and people with eyes closed or no smiles.
  • Social Media Recovery: With Mylio Photos, users can reclaim and back up all of the personal images and videos they have posted to major social media sites — including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Google.
  • SafeShare: While all of the data embedded in photos is valuable for searches, it has a darker side. SafeShare protects privacy by giving precise control of when and where personal data is shared. All personal details in a photo can be stripped before resharing to the internet or social media.

Other planned updates for the year include:

  • Private Photo Sharing: Secure transfer of original photos with precise controls.
  • Camera to Cloud Support: Connect and collaborate with new photo-sharing and transfer technology from Adobe.
  • New AI Search and SmartTags: New tools for searching and finding photos, including searching for landmarks, sporting activities, birds, and much more.
  • New tools for family heritage: Support of data and organization standards used by family heritage websites and genealogy tools.

“When your photos and videos are well organized, you no longer worry about losing track of your important memories. This truly reduces the stress that so often comes with disorganization,” says David Vaskevitch, founder and CEO of Mylio. “The technology we’ve developed is so intuitive that anyone can use it. We’ve built a whole new organizational approach based on human memory and machine learning. We see an opportunity to change the way the world’s photos are organized and preserved. With that in mind, we decided to relaunch Mylio Photos as a free application available to everyone.”

The free Mylio Photos (Version 23 – Preview 1) is available for macOS, Windows, iPadOS, iOS, and Android — with no limits on library size or number of devices. The application is free to use with no limit on the files it can index and organize. It works with local storage and attached hard drives.

Mylio Photos+ is an optional premium plan that expands the capabilities of Mylio Photos. With it, a user can connect all their devices to a single image library. They can use secure image transfer for automatic image backup or sync on-demand between devices for universal access. Mylio Photos+ enables a single, secure, storage-optimized library that is available on every device and protected from device loss and catastrophic disk failure.

Mylio Photos+ is available for $99 USD a year and offers a 30-day trial.

Listen to our 2020 interview with Vaskevitch here: