Nikon launches Nikon Creators Official Partners Program for Z-camera user/influencers

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Nikon announces the First Group of Nikon Creators Official Partners

Nikon Inc. has launched the Nikon Creators Official Partners program, recognizing avid Nikon Z mirrorless camera system users who represent where the industry is headed. This program aims to support and amplify the creative community, partnering with artists who are defining visual storytelling while documenting their distinctive process, the company said. Nikon plans to support these creators by helping to bring their unique visions to life and developing a brand relationship with the freedom to create what moves them, all while using Nikon’s gear, resources and extensive educational platforms.  The nine artists are social-savvy and exemplify a wide range of photo and video disciplines.

“The creative landscape and the artists driving it are evolving faster than ever before. The Nikon Creators Official Partners is a unique program connecting the brand with a new generation of visual storytellers while providing them with the tools they need to tell their stories and push their creative boundaries,” said Naoki Onozato, President and CEO, Nikon Inc. “Our partners continue to redefine what it means to be a creator, and we are excited to support them in their creative journey.”

The Nikon Creators Official Partners

Alex Frank / @shotzbyAlex
Alex is a fashion & lifestyle photographer and content creator that creates campaigns and portraits that can convey an entire state of mind in a single frame, by masterful use of warm tones, light and pose. Alex is based in NYC, where she shoots for various fashion brands and clients.

Brandon Woelfel / @brandonwoelfel
Brandon has become a household name in iconic street style and dreamy portraits, known for defining a genre with an ethereal look and style that is often imitated but never truly duplicated.

Chantel Miller / @chantelmillerstorytelling
Chantel is an Indiana-based wedding, portrait and elopement photographer. She is a visual storyteller and a creative in every sense of the word, using a combination of photography, design and fine art to tell each of her client’s unique love story or personality.

Erin Winters White /@erinOnDemand
Erin is a branding and business strategist and entrepreneur. She creates helpful photos, videos and vlog content to help empower aspiring content creators to tell their stories in an impactful style.

Houston Vandergriff / @Downsandtowns
As a young photographer with Down Syndrome, Houston defies the odds and travels the world chronicling his adventures with breathtaking content, hoping to inspire others to live their life to the fullest and make the world a more compassionate and better place. This Tennessee native has since travelled to 26 different countries and is a self-advocate who used his creativity to bring awareness to inclusion.

Inari Briana / @Inaribriana
Inari is a commercial photographer, creative director and consummate storyteller based in Atlanta, GA. She has an impressive portfolio, capturing campaigns for many notable clients, celebrities, brands and automakers with a distinct and striking style. Her mission is to create imagery that resonates with diverse audiences.

Jesus “JP” Presinal / @officialJPNYC
JP brings a contagious energy to his hard-to-match content. Try keeping up with this breakdancer, photographer, filmmaker and creative director, whose high-intensity style has landed him gigs working with major sport leagues, apparel brands and more.

Kien Quan / @kiequancreates
Kien is known for his distinct style of street photography and videography, approaching strangers in everyday scenes to create epic and heroic moving portraits. Whether it’s cosplayers, cultural icons, dancers or even casual bystanders, Kien’s skill and creativity make the everyday extraordinary.

Savannah Rose /@savannarosewildlife
Conservation and wildlife photographer Savannah Rose is based in Jackson Hole Wyoming, where she can usually be found outside the wilds of Yellowstone National Park documenting Nature. Savannah is an expert at safely getting close to nature, with an extensive knowledge of the ecosystem and patience that helps her be in the right place at the right time.