nPhoto LAB debuts new store, editor based on Printbox technology

European photography supplier nPhoto LAB, a division of Colorland, has launched a new store with a new editor nDesigner PRO powered by PrintboxnPhoto offers artistic, unique, heirloom products, such as photo albums, books, calendars and wall decor to photographer clients. The service will be provided for customers in the UK and Germany. All customers of will now have the option to use the advantages of the editor for professionals. 

“We have been using Printbox software since 2013, for a variety of different personalized items, like calendars, books, and now – for professional albums,” says Piotr Leszczynski, owner, nPhoto “Our cooperation with the team has always been great. Apart from the collaboration between companies, the system works for us flawlessly. This, combined with our experience in the industry, accompanied by the highest quality of products and excellent customer service, allowed us to grow. That’s why we’ve decided to launch our brand-new store dedicated to professional photographers, using the top-class solution: the Printbox PRO editor.”

Editor PRO is a new, intuitive and functional creator for designing photobooks and albums. It operates in 4 modes:  

  • Photos – allows a user has access to all the uploaded images. Adding photos can also be done at any time.  
  • Create – this is a mode of intelligent design, thanks to which your end-users can quickly create a project using the smart auto-creation. To add a sparkle of the originality – the project can be later edited freely. 
  • Compose – this is a full edition mode in which your end customer can benefit from using all the functionalities of the wizard and create a project using available layouts, backgrounds, embellishments. 
  • Preview – this is the mode in which the user can browse and check the designed book or album. 

Apart from this different approach to project designing, Printbox software for professional photographers is fully web-based and operates in a browser and that makes this a unique and one and only on the personalization market, the company claims.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that our long-time business partner has recently launched a shop where he offers professional products for photographers,” says Michał Czaicki, CEO, Printbox  “The technological support we offer is based on years of experience in developing software for selling albums or books, but also on our partner’s vast knowledge of how to offer high-quality products to advanced users who are used to working in graphic editors on a daily basis. While designing and implementing the PRO editor we had this in mind in order to provide the highest quality software, which will bring a completely new quality to the market.”